4 cze 2008

Marlow - miniwywiad

Gdzies na dubstepforum.com przewinął się taki oto miniwywiad:

1. Which one of your productions best represents your sound?

It's hard to say. I've never been overly happy with anything that I've written, so my sound has kept evolving. If anything, I'd say Scum on Blackacre. It's musical, but still has dance-floor appeal. That's the balance I'm always trying to perfect.

2. You’re being marooned on a desert island - which three records would you take?

- Parliament - Funkentelechy vs. The Placebo Syndrome
- Funkadelic - Tales of Kidd Funkadelic
- Ludvico Einaudi - Eden Roc
- SA-RA Creative Partners - Dark Matter & Pornography Mixtape
- The Baby Huey Story - The Living Legend

3. Most Mount Gay Rum knocked back in one sitting?

I consciously make sure that I never have more than one bottle in stock at once, so... just one bottle unfortunately.

4. Which OST do you wish you'd written?

My favourite soundtrack by far would have to be Hans Zimmer - Da Vinci Code, but I thought the film was shit. That French bird is pretty fit though. I'd love to write music for any Japanese horror flim, but most of them don't have much music. So the answer is, fuck knows - probably
Star Wars.

5. 3 Artists names to look out for?

Anyone that's doing their own thing and not trying to copy everyone else.

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